Junior Auxiliary 
      of Ruston

Upcoming Events

Chapter Meeting 10/7

Provisional Training 10/17

Crown Club Meeting 10/17
Origin Bank 3pm

Child Outreach Program 10/18

JA Booth @ Grit & Grace Fall Festival 10/23 4-8pm

Board Meeting 10/26

Stay Tuned for more...

The purpose of our service projects are to meet a need in the community by rendering beneficial charitable services to the general public, with a particular emphasis on children.

The work unit of the Junior Auxiliary Chapter is the project. A project is a planned undertaking in the fields of Welfare, Health, Recreation, Culture, or Education for which the Chapter has some part of financial or administrative responsibility.

The Chapter project is generally initiated with the idea that, after having been successfully established and operated, an appropriate community group will assume responsibility for its continuance. If a project is not taken over by a community group within five years, the Chapter should re-evaluate the project to determine if it is still performing a necessary service to the community. If an essential service is being provided, then the project should be continued by the Chapter. A Chapter should always be ready to expand activities to meet new needs arising from changing times.

Please click on a project to learn more information about one of our projects:

     Junior Auxiliary of Ruston  "Caring Hearts. Helping Hands. Changing Lives."

     PO Box 1762, Ruston, LA 71273
     Junior Auxiliary is a proud member of the Ruston Lincoln Chamber of Commerce.


 Junior Auxiliary of Ruston has received a software donation from Microsoft that will help our organization as we continue to  assist children and families in our community!




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